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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is an exciting and developing area of law in Nigeria which is why our IP practice area is bold and forward looking. We approach the protection of our client’s works with a “think outside-the-box” attitude, putting the security of their Intellectual Property above conventional limitations.

Our Intellectual Property Law team advises clients on a diverse range of issues spanning from Copyright, Trademarks, to Patents and Industrial Designs. Each client’s Intellectual Property is distinctive and so requires a distinct framework of protection which is what we offer, advice that is tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients.

In Nigeria Musicians, Film Producers, Authors, and Graphic Artists are often oblivious to the protection available to them as creators of unique works. Music, Video Content, Literature and even artistic renderings or Design sketches created by fashion designers and couture collections can all be protected, but it takes a firm with knowledge and successful working channels with the various registries to secure the value of their client’s Intellectual Property and ensure the economic benefits for such works are enjoyed by the rightful owners.

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