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Norfolk Partners’ is one of a select few firms that recognises the potential of the Mining Industry in Nigeria. Our expertise and international standards mean that we are able to deal with a wide spectrum of issues in the value chain of Mining Businesses and Corporations from Project Finance Agreements, ADR including International Arbitration to Environmental and Employment Law...

Our Partners have built significant relationships over the years that allows them draw on decades of experience and stand as a reliable connection between various parties in the Mining Industry’s value chain.

Notwithstanding this presence, we remain versatile and adept enough to work closely with our clients to provide the services that give a competitive edge and allows them to do what they do best. This presents what is our unique proposition- the fact that we maintain a global international standard of professionalism while remaining adept enough to work closely with our clients to deliver first rate services that keep them ahead of the competitive curve.

The Mining Industry is predicted to constitute 10% of national GDP by 2020. By all accounts the Extractive Industries have contributed significantly to the Nigerian economy life and are set to do so for some time to come. We know that the key to successfully tapping into this industry is a winning partnership for our clients.

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